Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Majd Ayoub, And the Naked Arab Couple

Color me impressed! This will go down as the first music video showing a coupls, half naked in their after sex foreplay. Until now we have seen Arab couples bed but mostly dressed comes Majd Ayoub who has found a non Arab looking young woman to share the bed with him on camera.

The music video attempts to tell a love does tell on, but jury is still out on Majd's voice. I do not know much abut him, but any regular looking guy who has the guts to take his shirt of impressed me. And yes, there is tons of pillow fights and stuck up people.

He is a rising Jordanian singer where rising refers to more than his career
Majd Ayoub - Bedek Tetzakareny / مجد أيوب - بدك تتذكريني


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