Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sama El Masry, The Belly Dancer And Newsmaker

She has a movie out, and she promised to market it with her belly dance moves. When they told her to go away, she told them, she will dance at their office doors! They approved her movie and called it silly.

She did not exactly go away. Her movie might have tanked but she was a big hit with news outlets in Egypt who wanted to make a big story out of nothing. Meet Sama El Masry. Your average Egyptian belly dancer who rejects the idea of anonymity. Some sleazy dude who wanted to make a quick buck made a dance movie around her and her moves. No story really.

Not sure why Egypt is talking about her, it might be that she is worried about censorship at home when the Islamic political movements are on the rise. Here are the promo clips for her movie. Chances are if you watch these three clips, you won't need to watch the movie.

Sama El Masry - Yakhty Kamela / سما المصري - ياختى كميلة

Sama El Masry - Do' / سما المصري - دق

Sama El Masry - Ala Wahda We Nos / سما المصري - على واحدة ونص


  1. That ain’t belly dance. belly dance = Sadie

  2. I would violate her on so many levels.