Monday, April 2, 2012

Watch: Kazim Al Saher In 1987 Video

This is cheesy, outdated, and it's a blast from the past. An old music video from Iraqi composer and now the czar of Arabic music. Back when he was just another skinny Iraqi kid. He has a lady playing the piano. It was the phase of Iraqi music. Kathem was lucky to have his songs play on the Iraqi national TV, now big Arab and global networks chase him to feature his work.

Kathem remains away from home, just like every other Iraqi singer--home is too much to handel at this moment. This was not the last Iraqi song, he broke out into bigger markets with an Iraqi song....can you name it? In the comment section please. This song of his traveled the Arab world and he traveled with it performing it.

كاظم الساهر - الساعة متأخرة ( الفيديو الأصلي )


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