Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On Iraq and Immigrants By Hatem El Iraqi

Sweet yet dramatic are the two words that describe Iraqi music best. One of the fixtures of Iraqi music, the young generation at least is Hatem El Iraqi. Hatem is a big name in Iraqi entertainment. This Iraqi entertainer and composer grew up listening to Iraqi folklore songs with his mom's milk.

Hatem remains one of the most loyal voices to the Iraqi tradition of blues. The sorrow is hard to express, most people would choke up if they were to utter the words that make Iraqi blues the best there is to have.

Nostalgia keeps people going even in the darkest hour, people do not forget the good times easily even if those good times have ended in heartache. Hatem knows best how to capture those emotions and reflect them in his music.

Luckily for us, unlike its Lebanese counterpart, the Iraqi music is not based on image and style...it's based on two things...the strong voice and the ballads one can tell. Most Iraqi singers are decent looking, but few of them can be described as handsome.

اشوفك وين يا مهاجر-حاتم العراقي


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