Friday, April 6, 2012

Mohammed AlMinhali, A Young Talent I Enjoy

Mohammed AlMinhali is out to give Gulf music a makeover, where the looks and the swagger carry plenty of weight. I love the beat of his song, like his look and I think he is a natural on camera. Unlike many stars from the Gulf who seem to have a hard time with the camera, Mohammed is confident and pulls it off.

With his 100% Arab look and his UAE nationality, things are looking great for this young talent who has been singing for 3 years professionally. I am seeing more and more Gulf pop increasingly becoming bold and getting better. I like the black light and exotic dancers in the background....but I am sure most dudes would be excited to look at the car he sports.

Not to forget Mohammed's impressive voice, this what should count first.

محمد المنهالي طولت بغيابك


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