Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy Shi*! Carmen Suleiman And Her Mom's Duet

I take whatever U have said about winner of Arab Idol first season Carmen Suleiman back! This girl really rocks! She will not go away. I know this much. The clip for this song with her mom performing next to her told me that Carmen has a tarab side that the world has yet to see.

This is a way old song, and a little know one by Najjat Al's an original poem form beloved Syrian poet Nizar Qabani. The chemistry between the mother and daughter as they perform the song tells me where Carmen gets her genes. The mother does have a sweet voice too.

No wonder people who have seen the show, would vote for her, that does not take away anything from the other contestants...talent is not something you compare from one to another....everyone has a side that no one else can rival them's the song that made a convert out of me....a song where an adoring and adorable mom-daughter duet makes the airwaves....
كارمن سليمان تغني دويتو روعة مع أمها Arab Idol

نجاة الصغيرة - متى ستعرف كم أهواك


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