Friday, April 6, 2012

Mai Selim Looks Good As She Has Lost Her Baby Weight!

She has given birth few months ago, and she went in hiding, few people saw her post her pregnancy and delivery. But now she turns out in Kuwait where she has a TV appearance, someone was there at the airport to film her landing and it looked like it was a smooth one.

The singer turned actress sees Kuwait for the first time. Last song she released came almost a year ago...a club mix song titled Fakrah....I happened to really like it. Welcome back Mai,

Mai Selim @ Airport - First Time in Kuwait


  1. Actually, "Fakrah" is not Mai's...The voice sounds incredible like hers' but the singer is actually someone named "Ouraib" and the song is the 15. track from her (only) album "Ouraib 2011".

  2. thanks, the song is supposed to be part of Mai Selim's yet to be released album. Provide links please. I thought she performed it live on Star Academy late last year