Friday, April 27, 2012

Sabine, Classical Music Sounds Good In Arabic

Sabine is Lebanese, I do not need anyone to tell me that. What else, I do not need other to tell me that she is dreamy. She is good at it too. Sabine has a soft spot in her heart for classical tunes. She does look like a twin of early on Nancy Ajram, but she is a star of her own and her style of choice.

The song starts like a computer chat with her boy, it's about the little things in love people know, the song is pretty good. It does not sound like your average Arabic song, it does sound Western. In all fairness the song lyrics are rich. That's because Sabine has already worked with the A list names like Marwan Khoury and Ghassan Rahbani, and has plans to sing with Ziad Rahbany

Sabine - Binye W Beinak Ya Hallail / سابين - بيني وبينك يا هالليل


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