Monday, April 2, 2012

Warda ft. Abady, Eastern Music Wins

Abady can do wonders with his lute, she can move mountains with her vocal chords, and her legacy. The Gulf loves it when a legend do a song in a local dialect. That's why they have worked so hard to get the legendary Algerian diva to do this song.

Abady is luck to have worked with Warda, but Abady is a name that needs no introduction in the Gulf, so they both filmed the music video talking to one another on a cellphone. Then they meet in person There is a certain level of magic in this song. Now, I know whoever says Warda should just stop talking.

Warda is taking on her foes and schooling them on her time and the right time. She puts them in their place by showing them that she still has what it takes. Abady knows Warda'a place and he delivers a fine line toward the end of the song.

Zaman Maho Zamany - Warda ft. Abady زمن ماهو زمانى - ورده وعبادى


  1. She looks so beautiful with our great flag on her ! <3