Friday, April 27, 2012

You Will Like Medieval Times Show, I Know I Did

I know it's not exactly music, but music is often timeless and so is certain things that happened in the past. For those who like the good old days and like to be part of something fun and different, I recommend the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. A Dinner show in the King's court where knights battle one another foor your entertainment.

The company has 8 castles in North America, Washington DC/Baltimore, South Carolina, Texas, California, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey and one castle in Ontari The concept is simple, you are in the court of the King of Spain in the 11th century. This is a show that has nothing but positive reviews online by both adult and children attendees.

There are horses, knights and food under one roof that will take you back in time while entertaining you and allowing you to reflect on the simple things of life that many take for granted. I have been to many shows where dinner is also served, in Las Vegas, Florida, New York and many other places, this one if different as you feel the excitement all over the place. And yes, it's OK to be rowdy.

The food they serve is also good worthy of Kings and those he allows into his court. As you thrill to a rousing, two-hour live jousting tournament, marvel at awe-inspiring horsemanship and falconry. The castle runs three shows a day and offer special deals for groups and school. For more info, please visit their website and you can thank me later.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Behind the Scenes


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