Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Esam Karika, Egyptian Sleaze Seeking To Please

Esam Karika is fine with you not loving him. Karika is the Egyptian answer to rap music, but with local twist. He likes loose clothes, he also likes to surround himself with plenty of women and when he sings, he works hard to make sure you do not understand what the hell he is talking about.

I have embedded a music video of his where the outfits, the dancers make up the bulk of the music video, not the song. He titled his song, high heels in reference to women wearing them and seducing him--or his little mind. In Karika's world, women dance on top of his cars, and try to get his attention. His music video tend to offer some humor and some sleaze, but no originality.

El Kaab El Aali - Esam Karika الكعب العالى - عصام كاريكا


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