Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amer Zayan, The Pretty Boy Who Loves Himself

This is a beautiful and dramatic song that Amer Zayan poured his heart out and thus made it a big hit. But then whoever made the music video for it forget that he was making a music video for a sad song and instead turned the concept into a fashion show, pretty boy shooting a catalog for Banana Republic fashion store.

The lyrics tell of a story of betrayal, a hard working man falls in love with a girl. The girl loves money and leaves him because she would not want to wait for him till he makes it. Instead, we get two good looking people who spend their time equally on the mirror checking themselves out and sending kisses to none but to themselves.

Again, the couple seems to live in a mansion, not in some small house. Wait, the weird gets weirder, this hard working man Amer takes a shower in his clothes looking sexy when he was supposed to look heartbroken. Then he has dance parties too. He spends his time in bars, not in some dark factory.

Congratulation Amer, you made a music video as a guy, that has only been made be female entertainers.

Amer Zayan "Ana Chab W 3am 2assis 7ali"-{official music video} -عامر زيان