Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Song Made Kathem Al Saher Famous

Call it his lucky charm, before this song he was just another cool Iraqi singer who does delightful Iraqi songs. But then this song came and told us he is more than that. This song made Kathem Al Saher the boy of romance who came form nowhere.

Showing one's emotions is tricky. You want to be a dude, but you also you are a human being. Kathem took the stigma out of being a manly man who can express his feelings so well and tell his loved one that he is crazy about her without every coming across as a cheesy. He was so skinny back then, so young and so hungry. He has earned it all and did so by making few if any enemies.

Salamtak in Aah, came out in my high school years and all the cool kids were singing it and trying to look cool doing it. Right after this song, Kathem started doing more of those romantic songs and less of the Iraqi ones. Lucky for us, we have come to love them both.
سلامتك من الاه - كاظم الساهر


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