Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Won't Be The Last Pro Syrian Revolution

All of sudden and after more than 12 years of brewing revolution in Syria, the cause is being picked up by singers and rappers from all over the world. The latest to join the cause and sing about the rights of the people of Syria and their quest for freedom is Ramy Essam.

Ramy Essam is well known in the Egyptian activists circles. He still hold his ground in his protest against the military. And now he is taking his fight against the regime of Syria. It's song loaded with rage. It's fast paced, it really pumps your heart up and gets you angry.

Not sure where Ramy Essam came up with this rage, but he had 12 months to let it out. I like the vision of this song, and I love the black and white with extreme closeups. This is not rock anymore, this is borderline Metallica. While I now have chosen to be cynical about the leadership of the Syrian opposition and the countries plotting in the dark against Syria. It's always wise to stand next to the people.

Ramy Essam - Syrian Revolution رامى عصام - خبر عاجل


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