Monday, April 23, 2012

Women Rights In Egypt Shouldn't Be A Privilege

The women of Egypt are drumming up support to their causes and their standing in the upcoming Egypt, they want a bigger role and a presence in the political arena. Luckily, the constitutions afford them that right, but reality tells a different story due to a number of factors. They led protests stating that they won't be pushed around, they are 50 percent. They are taking on the Supreme Military Council of Egypt and the brotherhood.

This is the right way to do bring about change, not complaining, drumming up support and making coalitions with other groups. Women rights should not be a political football. The video shows an assortment of activities and women who want the same thing--political rights and the right not to be harassed.
 There are women who come from all walks of life, the conservative background, the liberal ones and the independent ones too, this is a call to unity. I love the diversity of women in the video and theiy unity tells me Egypt is in safe hands if more women were in charge not a bunch of old men.
 بهية يا مصر دستورنا حقنا .. و حنكتبه كلنا



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