Friday, April 27, 2012

Pretty In Pink With Mohammed Mounir

This concert was a big deal for people who like Arabic music in Egypt, they are not making mushc of it anymore, and that pisses of many people. Luckily, we had an album that just came out few days ago, with Mohammed Mounir who had a concert to talk up the album. But what was cool, the pink pants, Mounir appeared in. Mounir has always chosen skinny jeans, like the ones females wear...he makes it look easy.

This is a concert where everyone has fun, including those on the stage who get into it, and get their minute in the light. However, I must pick a word with Mounir who has sold his soul to Vodafone, who has paid to sponsor his tour. For a guy who sings about the common man and for him, Mounir need to think twice about such moves.

I am not anti business or anti artists making money, but certain things should not be put for sale....Mounir is a phenomena that Egypt owns not some foreign company who wants to empty the pockets of the local people.

محمد منير - هييييه هيييييه - حفلة العين السخنه

محمد منير - الدخله حدوته مصريه - حفلة العين السخنه


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