Friday, April 20, 2012

Jenin Jenin, The Movie That Rocked Israel

Israeli soldier murder Palestinian often, and few of those murders get reported. But in April 2002, the game has changed as visionary Palestinian director Mohammed Bakri set his camera on the aftermath of the brutal massacre where Israel was not even trying to hide that they murdered civilians including many children.

The film told the story so well, and it was so well made that Israel went after the filmmaker by legal courts and in intimidation. The movies stood the test of time, and shocked the Israeli public who thought their army was moral!

Israeli destroyed 9 percent of the camp, killing more than 50--the Palestinian number stands at 500. Of course, Israel banned the UN from sending a fact finding mission. This is a personal account, not a propaganda tool, as Israeli talking heads like to baost. Anyhow, the movie is below, you can watch the whole film and think of yourself. I know we have shown the movie around the country.
Jenin Jenin


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