Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nayomi, Arab Business Selling Sleepwear Fashion

As a business, I love the concept of Nayomi, the all Arab company that is selling lingerie, sleepwear and such for Arab women. It turn out that the Arab gulf is a huge market for lingerie....billions of dollars have been spent on fancy underwear that makes women feel good.

The reason I love Nayomi is because they are doing something few could pull off. Instead of sending Arab money to some already rich Westerner, they can do it all locally. That means, they will also be aware of the cultural sensitivity, making products that sells, not testing products.

Yara, the Lebanese singer is their spokeswomen, they has received lots of money for the endorsement. If Fadel Shaker is right about her, Yara is all about getting paid. I like that the owner of the company is an old guy, not some gorgeous model like the ones you see walking down the aisle in Alice in the wonderland.



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