Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adel Imam Won't Be Going To Jail Any Time Soon

Adel Imam has always found someone to mock the holy cows of Egypt. He mocked, the people first, then what they hols scared. That in itself is not a crime,  until you offend someone who claims to be religious. Now, they are going after him in a court of law. I do not think Adel Imam will be going to jail anytime soon, if anything this whole ordeal might help him make a comeback with his new TV show.

This funnyman knows a thing or two about controversial, he took on issues like terrorism in Egypt, then religious extremists, and Israel as well. He made a movie or two that criticize the government and certain policies. But his funniest roles where when he mocked the else of society and business tycoons. He did so well criticizing politicians and government types.
I think such lawsuits come form that fact that Adel Imam was so close to the Mubarak regime and he had nothing but kind words to the dictator.
عادل إمام لـ"إيلاف": سأطعن بالحكم الصادر


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