Monday, April 2, 2012

"About A Girl" By Lara Iskandar

Her album sold big in Lebanon, but the album has yet to be released in Egypt--it has not even been leaked either. Lara Iskandar, the daughter of a Lebanese American mother and an Italian Egyptian father born and raised in California

Lara is claimed by Egypt, but her music is can be claimed by anyone. I think Lara worked hard to get where she is. I like her personality and I think she might be for real. Talented songs by three languages...Arabic, English and Italian.

Watch this interview with Lara, English creeps in. While Lara might have come from a rich background, she says that the love of the fans cannot be purchased. Her next move is releasing her album in Egypt
Talk of the Town - Lara Iskandar - حديث البلد - لارا اسكندر


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