Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Haifa Wahbe #MJK Tops iTunes Charts #36

There are millions of albums on iTunes, but there are only 200 best selling albums mostly from the States. But one Arab star has manged to climb the charts and claim the 36th spot on the list. Haifa Wahbe had that honor to be the first Arab entertainer and contender on the global music scene.

The album has not been released yet, but the talk about it has yet to stop! MJK is the creative title for Haifa's latest pop album. The social media is going gaga over Haifa and now over her new album. This must be a heart warming news for Haifa and her team who deserve credit for reaching out beyond the Arab listener, Haifa now does claim a large world following.

 Get ready, you have not seen the best of this pop star idol yet...she is just getting warmed up.

Haifa MJK - Bokra Bfarjik Official Teaser


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