Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Many Arab Dance Choreographers Can You Name?

Maya Nehme is one, do you know any one full Arab dance choreographers who don't suck? I know in the past they have imported talents from England and some cities to give Arabic music video some cool and hip element. But in Lebanon, there is that little spunky pop star Maya Nehme who has a dance studio.

Maya is a singer, but in her style of music, dance is key, that's why in each one of her music videos, she works to choreograph new movies, she recruits young local dancers who practice for days to take part of her music videos. dance choreographers do not usually do it full time, they have lives and real jobs. But to do something you like is what we are told when we are little.

This time, another well know Lebanese talent is lending a hand, Charles Makriss. Charles has a hip hop background, but he now works with original, creative, diverse dances which has become his brand. Despite his religious Christian background, Charles has manged to do something fresh at his his home. He is a singer/songwriter himself which brings him closer to Maya's world. maya nehme and charles makriss


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