Tuesday, April 3, 2012

البوم محمد منير - يا اهل العرب والطرب The Golden Album of 2012

Buy this and do not think twice about it, the best Arabic music musically, production wise and lyrical is the one Mohammed Mounir. This Egyptian pop rock star gone for folklore delivers his much anticipated album.

Aw some, golden, speechless, I am. This kind of album comes one every five years. Every track of those 15 songs is worth every penny you pay. My ealry favorite is the title song. This is one album that has to bring people together...the people of Egypt and Arabia will cheer.

02.Ya Zaman
03.Ya Ahl El-Arab W El-Tarb
04.Albi Maishbhnesh
05.Hara El-Saqueen
06.El-Bo3d Naar
07.Ya Abu El-Ta2ya Sobaky
08.Fe 3eneki 3'rba
11.Belady Ya Arab
12.Efta7o Ya Hamam - El-Salam
13.Amgad Ya Arab - Yegy Zaman
14.Ya Hamam

Mohammed Mounir 2012 album محمد منير - ابو الطاقيه الشبيكه

Mohammed Mounir 2012 محمد منير - افتحوا يا حمام - اهل العرب و الطرب


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