Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Morning Palestine Song By Mais Shalash

Here's a song they do not make enough of in Palestine. A song about the land, and not its politicians and political parties. Not sure who is singing this song, but I feel it's some child. Wait a minute, her name is Mais Shalash. She is a Palestinian girl born in Kuwait and is well know for Nasheed--Muslim hymns.

She has reached the age where she is no longer a child, and some people thought she should hang her microphone, but the Muslim clerk Qaradawi said, she can still sing. Mais still does good music that keeps both Palestine and Islam in her heart. Seriously, old men are the root of this world's problems.

Mais has an easy on the ear voice that is sweet yet sad, which makes her perfect to do songs for Palestine. As most Palestinians adore their land but hate what it has been turned into.

صباح الخير يا بلادي ميس شلش


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