Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nawal El Zoghbi Sizzles In Her Live Shows

Ladies of pop know best than to dismiss the golden girl of Arab pop all the way form the 90s, the senorita of hip pop is Nawal El Zoghbi who seems to have made strides in claiming her title....of course she was able to do that once she got divorced form her former manger.

Not sure, how live this song, but I know I like the song, and the performance Nawal put every time. For a pop song, this song is a winner. Nawal will not won awards for emotional songs anytime soon, but she will win the sales battle and the adoration of her fans who are both young and old.

See the contestants of the Arab Idol show jam along with her in the back with the audience.

Nawal El Zoghbi - Andak - Live / نوال الزغبي - عندك - حفلة


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