Monday, April 9, 2012

This Egyptian Belly Dancer Keep It Real

Everyone likes to look at belly dancers, few will admit it. The world has become fond of belly dancers, they have come to represent the Middle East and you can thank orientalists for that. To say you are a belly dancers in the Arab world, is like saying you are a prostitute in progress.

This is not true, dancers are not bad people, the people who affiliate themselves with dancers are the evil ones--dirty old men. However, professional Arab belly dancers have become something of a rare sighting. Most belly dancers you see out here are not Arabs. However, if you go to some pockets in Egypt, they dancers are alive and well.

About 10 years ago, some female students at my college, started a club for belly dancing--they called it the 100 percent modest belly dancing club, many were offended it for the name others were offended that belly dancing that has been sexualized makes an appearance on this conservative campus.

See this reel of some dance moves on original Arabic music, not that kind that you have become sick of. For all I know the energy and the excitement has Arab written all over it.

كعب الغزال من ناصر الفنان.wmv


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