Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mohammed Mounir Screws Over Shando

Shando is a popular singer in Egypt, I liked couple of his songs and I have seen movie where he appeared. He is cool, hip and trendy. Shando wanted to sing with the master of Egyptian songs, Mohammed Mounir whom he considers to be his teacher. They both come from the same region and have much in common. Mounir is a big name, and tends to work alone.

But few months ago, Shando had a delightful song, he has the rights for it. "Ya Roman", Mounir really liked this song that Shando brought it to him. Now Shando tells his side of the story. Mounir first wanted the songs for himself, and he offered to buy it. Shando wasn't selling the song, and wanted instead to perform it as a duet with Mounir. Shando says that he has turned down offered from other artists to do the song with him, he named Tamer Hosny.

Then Mounir recorded the song with him, and things looked well. When the track came in Mounir's latest album--a good album by the way, Shando was in shock. The Song was introduced as by Mounir, and he has only given Shando 6 seconds of air time toward the end of the song. So in essence, those who mixed the song, made Shando look like a backup singer. Needless to say Shando feels he was mislead and that he was wronged. I would be too. This is not strange in the business, it happens many times when you work with egos.

Cannot wait to hear Mounir's side of the story if he chooses to respond to the press release by Shando. This is a really good song, too bad the drama has to surround it.
محمد منير - يا رمان | النسخة الاصلية | 2012

Shando - Abd El Hady / شاندو - عبد الهادي


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