Sunday, April 8, 2012

Carol Samaha - Wet3awadet / كارول سماحة - وتعوّدت

Girl breaks up with boy, she leaves the scene then takes the first flight to Paris, he thinks she will die without him and so she does, but then learns the truth that human is programmed to forget, it's a blessing. This is the gist of Carol Samah's song about breakup and getting used to the new change.

The music video was shot in Paris and the story was told at least one before and also wa filmed in Paris by Lebanese pop singer Myriam Faris. I do not think the comparisons is fair, but it was reported in the entertainment media. I really like the melody of this song, and I liked Carol's performance. At first, I called this song a throwaway song, but the more I listened to it, the more I liked it

Just like how the song is about getting used to a new realty, liking the song took a bit of getting used to it. The wisdome offers a bit of wisdom about how heartbroken people tend to suffer alone and not try to hurt others as they bounce back. The music video required some minimal acting, something Carol finds to be easy.

The pictures was directed by Carol Samaha's favorite director and his happens to be French. I guess they do have an understanding as he has shot at least five music videos for Carol.

Carol Samaha - Wet3awadet / كارول سماحة - وتعوّدت


  1. When I heard the song for the first time I didnt like it aslan I just played the 2first minutes.. But now im justin love with it !