Monday, April 23, 2012

MJK Teaser! The Pop That Only Haifa Can Make

Haifa is a cool cat, and that has served her well, but she is no dummy. She has shown that she is a smart business women with a lot of strong opinions, but as an artist she has an image and that image works well for her. She makes it look effortless and the fans--young and old appreciate that about her. Her new album, titles MJK abbreviation in Arabic for Malikat Jamal Alkoon--Miss Universe. Something about glamor, youth and dazzle that attracts Haifa to this business, it's a creative title.

 It brings back memories with the queen of Arab pop, she is good at what she does, and her team is mindful of who she is and what style first her best. Haifa was largely missing last year, but it seems the sabbatical has helped her refocus and regroup. Now comes her big album that offers a Haifa style entertainment. The pop with gillie feel to it, there's an art that Haifa has mastered which is make songs that appeal to both kids and grownups. Sure there are those who think they can see through her, but that never stops half a dozen of other wannabe Haifas out there form copying her style or trying too.

I have liked songs in the past from Haifa, the are the light ones that can be easily classified as cute songs, that way they are light, catchy and hot. She has released dozens of those songs and those are always popular in her concerts. Say what you say about Haifa, but she is no elitist, she comes across as the girl next door. She answers when people call her Hiafa, she doe snot want to be a diva, it's enough that she is popular and adored.

 Haifa MJK Teaser #3 - Bokra Bfarjik / هيفا وهبي - بكرا بفرجيك


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