Friday, April 6, 2012

Ring Tones Is The Music Industry's Best Hope

Music industries are playing catch up with hackers and illegal file sharing. They believe it robs them from millions. So they have come up with a scheme to make up for some of their losses, selling their new songs and old ones for phone users in ring tones. It was huge in America too, but once iTune came, it has slowed down and few people use it. Smartphone also make ringtone a thing of the past.

Any some can be a ringtone with smartphone, no need for fancy software or any other complications. But luckily, Arabia still has a room for growth in this market of ring tones. So right before a new album is about to get released, marketing kicks in to try to sell the hard core fans the ring tones for the songs from the albums they really want to check out.

I wish, there's a popular iTune options for Arabic music, most Arabic music is listed on iTunes, but to be frank, few Arabs have means for paying for those songs or connecting to the internet. So the phone payment system still want to buy something, they charge the money that you have already loaded up using your phone card credit as a line of credit.

كول تون البوم فيروز كراويه Call tones Fayrouz Karawya's album


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