Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gaza, beach, folks song

Gaza lays on the coast of the gorgeous sea, like many Palestinian cities, the scene from the beach are hard to forget. In the summer time, it seems that the entire local population moves to beach. For really long time, the beach has given Palestinians many reasons to celebrate, it provides nourishment and entertainment to them. But it also brings death in more than one way.

Many drown in it, and drift even to Israeli shores, where their bodies are retried and sometimes given back to Gaza. There also the Israel navy boats that arrests and fires at Palestinians fishers boats--many have been killed by this fire too. However, that seems to do little to scare off the locals form the beach. they still flock to it in droves and enjoy what it has to offer.

Here's a local song about the waves of the sea, it's a local band and the slideshow offers some incredible footage of life in Gaza. This song is done in the Islamic style as you hear no musical instruments.
انشودة .. غزة عمواج البحر .. لفرقة الاعتصام


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