Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Arabs Got Talent - S2 - Ep2 - Haspop

Arabs got talent even, if they do not speak Arabic like the case of their latest guest show. He dances like a robot in a way that's unknown to many Arabs. He is a father of two cute kids who support their father in his appearance on the talent show.

Hassan lived in France, but he is Moroccan, he seems comfortable with English. His urban dance is popular in many capitals.

This handsome Arab had to stand for judgement in there after he delivered a stunning dance segment. Never mind that at least two of the three judges strike me as to have never danced in their lives. These guys were kind to him and has given him all thumbs up to allow more of us to see his stunning dance.

Arabs Got Talent - S2 - Ep2 - Haspop


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