Monday, April 30, 2012

George Wassouf Best Of Album

There has only been on George Wassouf and for that the Arab world has rewarded him for being himself. George is not talent if you do not like his voice and his music. Those who do not speak Arabic or casual speakers of Arabic, won't appreciate him as much as Arabs do. His voice can be described as if your mechanic insisted on singing for you and your mechanic has horse.

Yes, this bad. But this is not an album to skip, one simply has to add it to his collection, this is decades of Wassouf music. Frankly, you cannot afford not to purchase. Make sure if you listen to this singer, most people who like him will like you and do all their powers to reach out to you. It's like a club of fans for this rare talent.

While the Arab world is not well known for stoners, George would be the kind of music buzzed listeners would certainly enjoy. I do like a lot of those songs on the album, I have memories. Here's a little story. On the way in between Arizona and Utah--the drive is 8 hours we listend to one album of his of 2002, all the way, the album had 7 tracks and we had a guy who does not speak Arabic. He did not seem to mind, and he is well know to be a jerk too.

01 - Alb El3asheq Daleiloh
02 - Dol Mesh Habayeb
03 - Habet Armi ElShebbak
04 - Habibati Wal Zaman
05 - Kedah Kifayah
06 - Lessa ElDonia Bekheir
07 - Ma Teolou Leeh
08 - Rohow Loh Wisalouh
09 - Saber W Radi
10 - ShoKran
11 - Tabeeb Garah
12 - Yalle Jamalek

2011 Jarash Festival Jordan - George Wassouf - مهرجان جرش الأردن - جورج وسوف


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