Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Najwa Karam, The Modern Day Lebanese Hit Maker

When you have had the number of hits Najwa Karam has had in her career, you know you will got shots from left anf right. The younger and more hungrey stars will tackle you at any chance, some of them even will pretend to like you until they have you figured out.

But not Najwa Karam, she does not run away form competition and she does not shy away fromintroducing newer and more hip songs--the kind that rocks the boat. This is a song that is more than 8 years old, but ti was fresh and will always be remrbred as a cool song by Najwa. Najwa really offers you everything---the sweet melody, the romantic voice and the stellaer image. I know I celebrated this song and dso did most people at the time of its release.

Najwa Karam - Rouh Rouhi نجوى كرم - روح روحي


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