Friday, April 6, 2012

So Why Do Lebanese Beauties Settle in Egypt?

Many Lebanese entertainers especially females entertainers make Egypt their second home. Sure, the Lebanese like the Gulf but the Gulf is quick money, and business sort of thing. But Egypt is different. While it's true that Lebanon now have all the talents you need to make a star....some Egyptians even go to Lebanon now and work with directors, lyricists, and composers. But traditionally and still largely true for any Arab entertainer, Egypt is a must crack code. Here's why:

  1. Working in Egypt is cheaper than other Arab countries, so cost of living nd cost of talent is still reasonable and most stars even the starting one can afford a decent lifestyle without breaking the bank.
  2. The largest media market in the Arab world is in Egypt, 80 millions and counting. So the gigs are all over the place. TV hosting is one, acting is another. But concerts are happening all the time--tickets are cheap, but locals and tourists turnout.
  3. Egyptians men who control both the media and the work visas are horny so, any Lebanese base will be welcome in a heartbeat. By the same token, the dudes would go see a movie with this Lebanese singer/actress.
  4. Lebanese actress tend to be bolder, that means that would wear a bikini and not make a fuss about it. Egyptian actresses or at least most of them, feel that they need to defend their wearing such revealing clothes.
  5. The government in Egypt--true in Mubarak's time, liked to bring big names into Cairo to tell their people, we are the world's city! See everyone comes here to work with us.
  6. Big commercials and businesses like to bring in those Lebanese ladies because they know they would sell products. Advertising is a high business in Egypt where most of the ads in Arabia are made.
  7. To many Egyptians, the Lebanese accent, and the Lebanese way is exotic, for the same reason, Hispanics actress are power players in Hollywood. Thus, exotic sell.


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