Thursday, April 5, 2012

Would Amal Maher Come To America Please?

Amal Maher is one of those voices that can get you to dance, to cry and to be glued in chair listening to her oldies captivating covers. But what she is not doing is coming to America for concerts. While she can sing better than a pack of Lebanese pop stars, she has not manged to sell herself or her image.

In general, female artists from Egypt do not get to travel around much, certainly not to America. I know the market is here, tons of Egyptians live in the States, thousands of Arabs love Amal and know her music. Not sure why she has not brought her show to our shores.

She is the biggest selling female artist nowadays, and she has a busy performance line up. Why not take a risk and come to the States? She can do the kind of music Americans like, the old classics that sound special--they are more so with Amal. There are hundreds of capable Arab musicians who can give her the live orchestra treatment. I say why not? Here catch a glimpse of Amal's life performances---those are truly live, no computers

El Toba - Amal Maher التوبه - حفله - امال ماهر

Eih Benak We Benha - Amal Maher إيه بينك وبينها - حفله - امال ماهر