Monday, April 2, 2012

She Got Married, She Sings A Song For Herself

Marwa Nasir married a young producer and had a fun engagement and wedding party which was attended by dozens of Egyptian entertainers. It was a massive celebration with fireworks and three dresses.

Now she just released a post wedding song about her excitement for her new life. I am not feeling the song, it might reach some women, but I feel it's missing something and Marwa seems out of breath for a second.

Getting married should be excited, and her releasing a song is something new, we have not seen much of it. We have seen singers doing songs for other people who have been married. However, Mohammad Hamaki did a song for himself when he got engaged.
مـروه نـصر - مين كـان يـصدق [ بمناسبه زفافها ]


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