Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yusuf Islam, The Man, The Legend And His Faith

No one seems to have a clear answer why few years ago America did not let in the guy who sang "The Peace Train" into the States. Just look at this incredible footage of his appearance in South Africa for AIDS Day concert. It might have to do with his name, it's too common or it might be with some officer making a bad call.

Yusuf has been a force for good in Europe and around the world. While he continues to make decent music, he has also been known as an activist and a spokesperson for his Muslim faith. While many Muslims might be wary of AIDS, Yusuf did not shy away from it and he performed as a concert to raise funds and awareness.

London is the home of Yusuf where he remains engaged in issues that matter to his brethren as well as to issues that matters to the world. Yusuf is beloved by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
Yusuf Islam & Peter Gabriel - Wild World Live Nelson Mandela's AIDS Day Concert


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