Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sarah Al Hajiri Has Talent and Money! Fulla Gets Both

Saudi poet Sara Al Hajiri writes touching poems, those poems sometimes get adapted into songs. Sara is not doing it for the money as she has turned herself into a producer where she makes cash rain to see her poems turned into a work of art. In face she has been ruthless if a song she has written gets a terrible music video, she commissions a remake and she has done this once with Iwan.

Now, the latest name to sing one of her poems, is a woman, not a little girl. Fulla is an Algerian singer who has a strong voice and some acting chops. Together they have a full package of a sensible lyrics and a strong voice from a lady who can best express those feelings of resentment.

This is a black and white picture about a woman who has been betrayed by the love of her life. Female director Mai Elias told the story beautifully.
ضيعتني - فلة الجزائرية - Daya3tini - Fulla


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