Monday, April 23, 2012

Lara Scandar Will Make Someone Rich

Lara Scandar comes form a mixed background family, but there's noting mixed about this girl. she takes her art and her work seriously. Lara has surrounded herself with smart people and it seems her fans are in love with her. Watch this clip of hers promoting her new album in Beirut with the help of her producer Jean-Marie Riachi.

I feel Jean-Marie is trying to do with Lara something similar to what Nancy Ajram is. Think about it, Lara is young, charismatic, she singers in half dozen languages. And she is glamorous. However, that glamour might not be a big sell with the man on the street. Nancy reach the common man by wearing what they wear and talking like they do, and better she seemed really good at it.

Thus, I feel that both the artist and the producer are among the elite. No question about it, they are both talented.
Taalou Ghannou Maaya - Lara Scandar


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