Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wael Jassar As A Boy Singer Years Ago

I did not know much about the history of Lebanese romance pop singer Wael Jassar prior to his hit song of 1998. I thought he came from nowhere, but the reality, he has been singing long before that song hit the airwaves.

Wael Jassar Official has just shared with its subscribers an old album of this then young singer. He sound nothing like he sound now. He did sound good in his all Lebanese music style, like that of the late 80s and so on. Most of the songs in the album are Lebanese folklore songs. Which reminds me of another young boy who did those kind og songs George Wassouf.

Do not miss the vintage look the album cover has.... those are classy songs that live on, not because of a particular performer, but because they are timeless gems preserved by live music.

Wael Jassar - Ya Ome Ahqan / وائل جسار - يا امي عشقان

Wael Jassar - Kalmet Wad3 / وائل جسار - كلمة وداع


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