Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DOWNLOAD: Cheb Khaled 2012 Album البوم ملك الراى الشاب خالد - C'est La Vie

The most globally recognized Arab singer is hands down Cheb Khaled, the Algeria Rai singer who is well known around the globe with his too many hits to count. The son of the land that has given a million fallen man and women in their pursuit of freedom is not done yet, he has released a hot album that goes from Arabic, into Algerian Arabic into French For his latest album, you will be glad to hear about the musical guests both behind the microphone and in the mixing room. This is an upbeat album with a lot of energy, excitement that crossover boundaries.

This is his comeback album that rests in top of the charts in Europe as well as most Arab countries. This is his first album in more than 3 years. France is excited and so is Sweden. I am proud of Khaled and his approach of reaching a bigger market by giving them a taste of a very local music. This is the smartest way to make it big, you do not want to change your roots, instead you make your roots change other people perception 

Khaled has always reached to bigger and bigger audience with his vocals and his dazzling songs. I am going to say this is an album that will be blazed around Europe in their clubs and cafes. It can also be played in your head as you race. Khaled is growing older here, but his spirit is still strong and his music is supercharged. Redone, the famed European Arab music producer adds his magic touched to the track. The title song is bilingual, with the main text in Algerian Arabic and the refrain in French. The catchy dance song repeats the phrase. The track speaks about Spain, Arabia and France, the regions Arabic obssess about, like falling in love with a lady from the old Andalusia.

01 - Shou Bt3ml Bel Nas
02 - Sodfa Ghareiba
03 - El Ward
04 - 3alama
05 - Kol Ma Bashofak
06 - Waga3 El Zekrayat
07 - Ray7een Betna
08 - Fareq El Amor
09 - Ma Bahab
10 - Ya Kol El Denya
11 - Bostak

Khaled - C'est la vie (Clip officiel)

 Khaled Feat Redone - C'est La Vie 2012