Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shitty Egyptain Movies: Fokkak Menney Song and Outtakes

Egyptians movie makers are making use of those outtakes they do not know what to make, get some young charismatic singer to sing a song on those outtakes. Fokkak Menney, leave me alone, or do not bother me is the title of this light comedy. The singer is Hany Farouk and I doubt anyone outside Cairo knows who this guy is.

The song is meant for local consumption to get the poor kids living/working in Cairo to surrender their Egyptian pounds for admission to the theater. Using sex appeal, dancers, sexual references, music and some jokes to market this movie. This is a Sha'abi song that will get some radio time and be a summer song for many wedding. Why? the title is kind of cool, everyone wants to be left alone in Cairo.

Fokkak Menney song 2


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