Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WATCH: Nancy "Ajram Ya Banat" نانسى عجرم - يا بنات

There's justice in this world. Nancy Ajram has done justice to the female gender. She is releasing a hit song with the title "Girls" about the joy of having girls for children. She has two girls of her own and she wants the world to know she is all about those fun and sweat creatures.

The song is part of the Super Nancy album, an album with with kids in mind, but with a lot of heart. It's a cute songs with girls all over it, it reminds people that having girls is a great thing. the song radiates happy and  assures that Nancy Ajram is here to stay.

The song's promo was released on a TV show few weeks ago and the album is getting quite the buzz on the internet. This is the second song with girls in the title for Nancy in less than two months. The previous song was about how girls think--a fun song but for grownups. Nancy has a large number of women in her life. Her mom is there, her girls and most of her music videos have been directed by other females.

نانسي عجرم يا بنات يا بنات كمله

سيمبل اغنية نانسى عجرم - يا بنات | من الالبوم القادم


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