Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lebanses Yara To Sell You Nayomi Underwear

Victoria Secret gets no love in Arabia--the company makes some of their produces on Israeli illegal settlements or so we read. So here's another company in Arabia that wants your underwear/night wear business. The company is Nayomi and they are busy booking female Arab celebrities to attend their shows and endorse their products.

First it was last year, they hired Diana Haddad, the Lebanese Gulf based pop singer to be the face of the company. Now they seem to be going a different direction, younger, hip and sexier with Yara, another young Lebanese diva known for her simplistic yet elegant style. While the models of the company might be all non Arabs it seems the face of the company can still be a token Arab.

Nayomi is a company owned by some old man who for some reason wants to be in the women underwear business. This is a Dubai based company, I must say as a business I love them, it's about time there's an Arabic brand to carry this kind of clothes. It was reoported years ago that the Gulf spends billions on underwear.

Nayomi is the region’s leading lingerie and nightwear retailer and is known for its feminine products that offer international designs with an Oriental twist. Nayomi, which means ‘soft and delicate’ in Arabic, operates nearly 126 stores across the Arabian Gulf in 32 key cities and is growing by the day.

إختيار يارا سفيرة لدار نعومي للأزياء


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