Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When a Saudi Song Gets the French Tratment

When number one singer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Abo released Al Amakin "the places" a song of his years ago, he thought he had a good song, but I bet he had no idea that this song will go places and travel far. The Saudi musician who sticks to Gulf songs and classical Arabic music with poetry.

But then everyone started covering that song of his all over the Arab world (Angham, Diana Karzon and scores), this sad song about missing your loved one and constantly remembering his/her presence. It was a perfect song that offered everything an Arab wants...but it turn out that the song offered something for non Arabs too.

When French Arab singer Fadwa Al Malky chose to perform the song in both languages it was rather an odd choice, but then once you get to hear the performance life you know that things are not lost in the translation and the song still maintains its flavor and emotional muscles.

Maybe becasue Mohammad Abdo is not the singer to rush things as he takes his time with the lyrics and not race to deliver them. His relaxed style and mellow energy serves the song well. This song is for those who are heart broken, and the homesick, lovesick and those are often look the part.

أغنية الأماكن بصوت فدوى المالكي , عربي - فرنسي

الاماكن - محمد عبده - افضل تسجيل Original Singer Mohammad Abdo


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