Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ehab Tawfiq & Ashraf Salim Find A Comeback

Ehab Tawfik seemed to have the best years of his career behind him. Until he found a pretty rad vocalist, good lyrics calling for unit and an energizing music. That seemed like a great comeback for this pop singer who once thought he could have ruled the world.

Ehab has always sounded the same weather he does romance, religious themed songs or melodramatic jams. But then he found a voice that can highlight his voice and add flavors to the mostly bland Ehab.

It's amazing how similar to the voice of Mohamed Mounir Asharf sounds. Then in the music video Ehab tawfik tears up and asks people to join him in his call to unity.
Again, I really like the music, it's my favorite kind for exercise, and the lyrics about unity and the homeland will pump you up. I think the real winner here is Ashraf Salim whose voice will likely be around.

Ehab Tawfiq & Ashraf Salim - Endam Leya / ايهاب توفيق وأشرف سالم - انضم لي


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