Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wael Kfoury 2012 Album البوم وائل كافورى ماتحكى

This might be a new album, but I am inclined to thinks, it 's a new old album. That means they collect the singles he has released for the past 4 years, package them together and then resell them to you. This music was produced by Wael when he was free agent.

Now he is working under the banner of rotana, so the team behind the singles are trying to make money their money back banking on the recent news stories of his coming back to Rotana. This creates confusion and allows people to think that this is he is new album! It's not, but that doe snot take away anything from being a good album to collect.

Fans of Wael won't be disappointed and those who are after gooey music should cheer up and give this album a test drive.

01- Ma Tehke
02- W B2ool Shfeet
03- Baddi Yak- Owlak Ghalat
04- Redily El Sowar
05- Chou Mabkiki
06- Tabki El Touyour
07- Ma Rej'at Enta
08- Halet Hob
09- Bahebak Ana Kteer
10- Qisaht Ashshaq
11- Amirat El Oloub
12- Be Ounak Kalam
13- Hokm El Alb
14- Law Hobna Ghalta
15- Khedni Lik
16- Farhet El Eid
17- Bihinn


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