Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Elissar Or As The Lebanses Queen of The Dance

The prelude to the music video is so cheesy and so forced, what follows may disappoint some. But when it comes to belly dancers in Lebanon, Elissar is the go to belly dancer of the stars. She does dance in private clubs in some of those artist (shady) parts of town.

Elissar who was born in Lebanon, spent a great deal of her life living in the UK and the USa due to the civil war at home. Elissar's father did not want her to get into dancing, but she did anyway. She dances to Western and Arabic music with the same level of excitement and energy. Elissar is making a bold move at a career many Arab women have little interest in anymore.

I do like the effort of building a theme for the music video where the dancer moving along and the actors appear to be from a distant era. The cheap graphic in the background takes away from the experience, but overall watching the clip I am left with one question: what do they put in Elissar's coffee to get her to move with such energy?

Elissar - The Queen of The Dance


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