Monday, July 16, 2012

Sherine's Divorce And Her Best Song Ever

Five years ago she got married, and two kids later, the marriage is over. This was a surprise move, no one really knows a thing about it. he news just broke and Sherine is not married anymore, but she still keeps a friendship with her ex now. I think, it's timely to play this song of hers about moving forward and forgetting the past. Her ex composer husband Mohammed Mostafa. Both have closed of their cellphone and so has Sherine's manager.

The year was 2005 and Sherine made the jump from a B list pop singer to the A list all around singer who is well versed in all musical styles. While Sherine have had a beautiful career so far and she keeps rocking it with making great music and dazzling concert performances....I happen to think the song of hers-below was her greatest song to date.

There has never been a sweeter song about being sweet when things are bitter than this Sherine gem. Not only do the lyrics deliver one hell of an emotional roller coaster, the acting Sherine is worthy of an award. Back then Sheirne was single and her songs were alive, this picture of hers will be part of her legacy, something she will give to her kids after her.

I adore the music video and the simple nature, a girl, a cause and a chair. Nothing too elaborate just a well acted story of heart breakup. Back then Sherine was with Nasr Mahrous, man who knows how to produce a hit and create stars. Nasr and Sheirnge no longer work together....and Sherine has also announced she is leaving Rotana and producing for herself.

شيرين لازم اعيش


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